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Feng Shui Consultations

For homes, businesses and individuals

Positive changes have occurred in the lives of many people after they have made Feng Shui adjustments.  The builder Donald Trump and the designers Tahari and Donna Karan, for example, have used Feng Shui with great success. Read Our Testimonials

Projects using Feng Shui principles




Feng Shui can help you:

  • Determine the most auspicious placement and configuration of your home, office or business
  • Make decisions regarding key aspects of your life, and deal successfully with major life events
  • Determine proper allocation of space, and auspicious design for a home office
  • Decide how to arrange interior office space and where to locate key personnel
  • Make other important business decisions, such as choice of a corporate identify, including logo design and color(s)


Consultations consist of:

  •  Two-hours of on-site audit and 1- hour of advanced preparation time
  •  Interview with the client of the space
  •  Survey of the exterior and interior conditions and factors
  •  Review of the Sitting and Facing Directions, and Flying Stars of the space
  •  Feng Shui evaluation and analysis of each room/space
  •  Review of client’s Four Pillars chart
  •  Review of corporate logos and signage, if desired.
  •  Advice regarding the most auspicious allocation of executive offices and appropriate use of each room/space
  •  Suggestions on the most auspicious placement of furniture, home accessories, decorative objects as well as the use of colors
  •  Explanation of recommended Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements
  •  Help with acquiring Feng Shui products, if desired (all Feng Shui recommendations to be implemented by the client)
  •  Consultation recorded on cassette tapes, if desired.
  • Free follow-up telephone consultation within 30 days.


Four Pillars Consultations

  • Private Four Pillars of Destiny life reading and analysis
  • Recommendations and insights regarding client’s career choices, relationships, children, wealth & health issues
  • Choice of elements and colors
  • Client’s forecast for the current year and 10-year luck periods


About 6 months ago things were very stagnant and I had lost 2 large contracts the year before. I contacted you and you came to the office. We had a consultation with you and you suggested some changes. Based on those suggestions, we made the changes and we recently were awarded a $14MM contract. I truly believe that energy and understanding it’s power and respecting it is very powerful in our ultimate success in life and I thank you very much and am very grateful that I met you all those years ago!

Queens, NY

Just wanted you to know that we have ended our debt with the IRS.  We have been dealing with them since 1996.  Our lawyer had been diligent but the progress was slow.  After applying the adjustments you had recommended, things began to fall into place quickly.  Within less than a week, we were clear of debt and expect to receive funds from them!

I am looking forward to studying with you.  My husband and I thank you for your insight and guidance.

Brooklyn, NY

I had incredible results with the Feng Shui consult you did for me.  Last year was the most money I ever made in my life and the most fulfilling career I have ever had.

New York City

I performed the cure on Easter Sunday.  It felt very empowering and the next day I was able to breakthrough some career stuff.  I’m re-designing my life!  Thanks so much for all your input…

Litchfield, CT

Just wanted to report on the upgrades in my career, finances and health since our consultation.   I had my biggest commissions last month and landed a pretty major account….very exciting!  My relationship with my boss, which had been rocky, seems to be improving greatly!   Thank you for everything…..I am so grateful!

New York City

I also want to thank you for the wonderful feng shui consultation.  You have given us solutions for many of our “chi flow” problems, and I can’t wait to implement them all.  I know they will really help us turn this house into a safe, happy and prosperous home.  I am grateful for all your help and I look forward to speaking with you again soon as we continue working on the house and grounds.

White Plains, NY

…I am in a wonderful love relationship…the one I’ve always dreamed of!!  I always remember my 4 Pillars Astrological Chart you did for me and you assured me I would find him and that my life would be happy, prosperous and full of love and romance….It’s all coming to me now and I am happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life!  Thank you, my friend, for showing me the “future” when I so needed you to.     M.H.


Just like  a specialist in acupuncture knows how to activate the flow of energy within a person, Meihwa Lin knows how to use Feng Shui to facilitate the flow of energy around us. Ms. Lin can help you turn your surroundings into a positive force for harmony, health and prosperity.

Meihwa Lin is available for private consultations, training and corporate presentations.

(516) 747-4796