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The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui

The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui  

The Smarter Approach to the Ancient Art of Feng Shui
by Meihwa Lin

Foreword By Melani Lewandowski, M.S. Feng Shui Master

The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui is “the resource” to create a more satisfying life.  It is practical, inspiring and direct.

These are exciting and challenging times.  Change is the constant from where great opportunity emerges.  In these times, you can test your way of thinking and expand in ways not previously imaginable.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of Placement.  It is a tool that provides for clarity, strength and flexibility.  It supports you to live to your greatest potential.  In the 3,000 years since its conception, it has empowered thousands who have had the good fortune to meet the path of a Feng Shui Master.

Feng Shui is a vast subject. It requires years of study, contemplation and experience to grasp the subtle nuances that give power to the work.  And it can very successfully be applied with minor changes under the direction of a skilled teacher.

Meihwa Lin is a Feng Shui Master and brilliant teacher.  She lives the balance of insight and action to synthesize the teachings and make them most readily available.  She is the work!

I had the opportunity to teach a class at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design – Feng Shui Training in the mid-nineties where Meihwa was my student.  She was smart, analytical and committed to know the depth of the teachings from all angles.  You might even describe her as relentless in her pursuit to know the core philosophy of the teachings.

As her teacher, I was inspired, as I know she will inspire you.  Meihwa reinforced for me the importance to continue to forge forward in my own personal journey of healing, learning and living the work of consciousness and place in order to make this world a better place for all.

You have the good fortune to find this book as part of your journey.  Or possibly this book has somehow found you.  The Chinese say “luck” is a combination of the will of heaven, your personal wishes and how you bring them together in human life.  The words and energies of this book make this wisdom accessible to you, right  now, so that life will flow most fortunately for you.

I encourage you to employ this book as a guide.  Know that page-by-page, it will support you through good times and those of less fortunate circumstances.  It will nourish your growth personally and professionally.

And as possibly, I encourage you to meet Meihwa in person.  Feng Shui is an oral tradition most brought to life in the presence of the Master.  You will experience the exuberant joy, wisdom and depth of this captivating teacher.

The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui successfully transmits the sacred energies passed down from teacher to student through the thousands of years from ancient origins.  It is as vibrant and fresh as if newly discovered today.


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